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Andy 1980 YZ50G

Details of this build 1980 YZ50G, Owner, Andy of Minnetonka MN, Restoration: Panik Rev Racing of Houlton, WI. (715)760-0618, Shawn Carlson, owner.
Build took approximately 100 hrs. from April until October.
Complete disassembly, blast and refinish every part. Motor completely redone, 2 oversize piston, crank rebuilt, new bearings and seals. Blast and refinished cases, cylinder and head. Runs just like I remember from 1980! (I was 16 then…)
Value? Priceless…

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1980_YZ50G_Andy_MN 1980_YZ50G_Andy_MN 1980_YZ50G_Andy_MN 1980_YZ50G_Andy_MN

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