Using the website:
Searching: The site has four search modes. The main search is the Parts Catalog, If the part is not online we probably have it offline. Each "not found online" part has a "Contact Us" link. Our online stock is a small fraction of the parts we have. So contact us we are always ready to help.

Check Out procedure
From the cart page, select your payment preference, adjust parts quantities and continue on to the next page where you will get the totals without shipping. You are now in the secure part of the site and will be asked for more information to complete the order

When the order is submited an automated mail with our contacts information is sent, if you do not receive this email it either got screaned by the anti-spam program or the mail address is not right. If the email or phone numbers are not correct we will not be able to contact you. If you do no hear from us please do email or call us. We welcome your contacts. When the order is filled we'll let you know the totals including the shipping charges. If there is no response to our emails we will ship the order as it stands after 10 days


Searching for Parts:

1) The Parts Catalog Search:
Available ot the left top of the page at all times. Search by year model and type of vehicle, we are continously adding more models. The results will show you the complete parts list with a picture of the location of the parts. Available parts have the price and can all be added at once by checking the box next to the part or they can be added one at the time by clicking on the plus sign or the diagram number of the item in the right column.

2) The exact number Parts List Box:
The part number format is 123-12345-00-00 (use dashes but NO SPACES when copy pasting) and has to be EXACT. Add more numbers to the List Search Box by clicking the link "add more parts" (one EXACT number per box with dashes but no spaces). Clicking the "Enter Parts List" button will get you the search results and reset the search .If you have a parts list then use this search to save time. The available parts will load in the cart when clicking the Add button. The cart page will show the items added, change quantities if needed and check out.

3) The General or Global Search Box:
Used it to find: New, Used, Aftermarket, Clothing, Helmets, Helmet Shields, Gloves, Boots, Tires etc, by entering partial /complete part number and/or Description and/or Model and/or Prefix and/or Year in any combination separate each with a space.

Narrow the search by combining the words or numbers. The results depend on the way the part and model are described in the database. Closest match come up on top. The descriptions and models are not uniform. It is a huge database so try different approaches.
Yamaha first three digit numeration is not an exact relation to the vehicle model many models share the same first three digits, but this search does help some in trying to locate the part.

4) The Browse by Categories Search (Pull Down Menu.)
Will get the results for most aftermarket items, closeout items, t-shirts, helmets, gloves, etc.

5) Vehicle Info by Type (Pull Down Menu.)
This option will get engine numbers and prefixes related to model and year as well as the parts with those prefixes that we have online. Also there is a "Detail" link where the available information is displayed. Again it is not a complete list but we are adding more information every day and it could help you identify the vehicle.

Using the Yamaha Online Parts Catalog with our website:
The parts in the Yamaha Factory Catalog, can be added to a Wish List on their site. When done with their catalog, print or copy the List come back to our website, type all the part numbers in the List Box . It will search all the numbers at once and get instant results on our online stock. You can add all the available parts at once, if you wish to do so.

If we do not have the vehicle or model or part number in our catalog, try the link to the Yamaha Factory Catalog.

Saving the Parts List in our site

To save the parts list, the browser needs to accept "cookies"
The "cookie" has the number of the list and it gets stored in your computer's hard drive for 24 hours. On you next visit, you will get the chance to retrieve the list. If the browser is configured to refuse "cookies" you will get a warning upon entering the site. If the browser is configured to delete "cookies" on exit, you will also be deleting the list when leaving. After getting the saved list you can review it and chekout. Can not add items to the saved list.

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